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Student Support | Discounted APC for Student Researchers

At IRA Academico Research, we are committed to promoting the accessibility and visibility of academic research. We understand the importance of supporting authors in publishing their quality works, and we recognize the financial constraints faced by student researchers who are not funded by their institutions and are not in gainful employment. Therefore, we have revised our Article Processing Charge (APC) policy to offer affordability to student researchers.

The general APC for authors, upon acceptance of their papers, is USD80. However, in order to provide financial support to student researchers, we have introduced a discounted APC of USD60 (USD50 for student researchers from the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) ) subject to fulfilling the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The author must be a student researcher.
  2. The research work must not be funded by their institution or supported by gainful employment or any other consideration.

How to claim a discounted APC: If you’re a student and the accepted paper is not funded by any grant by your institution/university, you can claim a discounted article processing charge. For making a claim in this regard, you’ll need to share your valid student ID card/letter issued by your institution to help us verify your claim.

This revised policy aims to provide a more accessible publishing option for student researchers, enabling them to share their quality works without the burden of high publication fees. We believe that by reducing the financial barrier, we can foster greater inclusivity and promote diverse perspectives in scholarly publications.

The funds generated through the APC will be utilized to support the following services, ensuring the publication of high-quality papers:

We are committed to transparency, and further details on our APC policy can be found on the respective journal’s submission guidelines.

We hope that this revised policy will encourage student researchers to submit their valuable contributions to our journals, and we look forward to supporting and showcasing their research achievements.


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