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What is ORCID (and how does it help researchers?)

An “ORCID” or “ORCID iD” is a 16-digit number that automatically stores links to all of your research and links it with you persistently. If you have not yet registered your ORCID, it can be created for free at the ORCID website .

How does ORCID bring visibility to your published papers?

Having an ORCID included in your published papers brings you special benefits, including enhanced visibility among a worldwide readership.

But if you have not made your public records to be publicly visible, you may be missing one of the prime benefits of having an ORCID.

You can check your account settings at to see what setting you’ve opted for your published papers’ visibility.

ORCID account setting as public

It is recommended to make your published papers visible to everyone within your ORCID profile.

ORCID account setting as private

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