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The Meaning of Life and its Influence on Adolescent Mobile Phone Addiction: An Exploratory Study

With the popularization of mobile Internet devices, more and more teenagers use smartphones. The use of mobile phones can not only bring convenience to young people, but at the same time, improper use and dependence may also lead to the risk of addiction and harm the physical and mental health of young people. With the development and influence of positive psychology, the meaning of life plays an important role in preventing adolescents’ psychological and behavioural problems. Individuals with a high sense of life are less likely to become addicted to mobile phones. Based on this, it is possible to prevent and alleviate the problem of mobile phone addiction by enhancing the sense of life, improving self-control, and paying attention to positive psychology and group counselling interventions.

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A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Greetings from the Perspective of Politeness Principle

A greeting is a common polite behaviour that also helps to build a relationship. Knowing the difference between Chinese and western greetings will help communicate better with foreigners in the future, and help Chinese and western cultures communicate better with each other. This paper looks at the differences in greetings between Chinese and western cultures and societies and explains why these differences exist based on economy, culture, and society. Furthermore, this paper also suggests that to achieve a better expression result, it is important to pay attention to these differences in communication.

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A Study on the Optimization of Talent Training Program for English Majors in Yangtze University-Based on Surveys of Graduate Employability

This paper, combined with the orientation of the School of Foreign Languages of Yangtze University that aims to cultivate “broad caliber, thick foundation, strong ability, high quality” talents, professional touch and employment channels for students, constructs a model framework for the employability of English major students. Meanwhile, based on the surveys of the employability of English majors in our school, the paper puts forward some proposals for optimizing the talent training program: Improving students’ competitiveness in the workplace and cultivating applied foreign language talents suitable for the needs of society by perfecting the discipline system, innovating the practice mode, expanding training channels and improving employment guidance.

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The Communication and Dissemination of Chinese Characteristic Cuisine in the West: A Case Study on the Logistics Report for Lao Gan Ma from China to Australia

In today’s world, globalization has developed well, and it is in a potential and relatively stable state in both its depth and breadth. Building cultural confidence while strengthening cultural communication is an important issue facing every part of the world at present. Furthermore, the path of cultural communication is not limited to the cultural level itself but permeates all aspects of social life. Chinese cuisine has a long history and is well-known all over the world. This paper studies the spread of Chinese cuisine Lao Gan Ma to Australia, aiming to explore its cultural core through the analysis of the trade path of products.

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