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Transitivity and Narrative Therapy in The Woman Warrior

Since its publication in 1976, Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior has aroused widespread concerns and discussions in both China and abroad. This book is regarded as the pioneering work of Contemporary Chinese American literature and a masterpiece of feminism, relevant research serves to figure out the dilemma from which the Chinese American females suffered, as well as their struggle to fight against the racial and sexual discrimination attached to them. The present study is concerned with the identity of the Chinese Americans represented by Kingston herself as well as the author’s purport of adapting ancient Chinese tales, while ignoring the process of the protagonist’s self-awakening and how she employed narration to reconstruct her identity and getting access to education and power. This paper will focus on the therapeutic properties of narration in The Woman Warrior with the assistance of transitivity analysis, which illustrates that transitivity can reveal a character’s thinking pattern and that narration can help the narrator perceive the world in a more positive way and gain the necessary strength to fight for her own rights.

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An Analysis on EFL learners’ Emotional Intelligence, Academic Emotions and EFL Learning Achievement

With the development of society, the influence of emotional intelligence and emotion on foreign language learning is receiving increasing attention from scholars. At the same time, with the development of positive psychology in the field of second language acquisition, the research on academic emotion is changing from negative emotion to positive emotion. A thorough understanding of the current research on emotional intelligence and foreign language learning emotion can enrich the relevant research theoretically and promote students’ positive emotions in practice. This paper reviews the development of the field and summarises the relevant theories, research content and research methods. Through an in-depth interpretation of the relationship between emotional intelligence, academic emotions and English language achievement, the paper proposes a vision of research that is complex in terms of research variables, diverse in terms of research methods, and diverse in terms of research themes, laying the foundation for further research.

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An Analysis of Winesburg, Ohio from the Perspective of Fromm’s Alienation Theory

Winesburg, Ohio is Sherwood Anderson’s representative collection of short stories, and it occupies an important position in the history of American literature. Since the publication of this collection, many foreign critics have analyzed and interpreted it from various perspectives. Guided by Fromm’s alienation theory, this paper discusses the alienation phenomenon in Winesburg, Ohio from three aspects: self-alienation, alienation of interpersonal relationships, and alienation of the relationship between people and society.

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A Review of the Research on the Evaluation of High School English Writing Portfolio

Teaching writing has always been an important part of high school English teaching, and improving students’ writing ability has always been a challenge for teachers. Traditional writing teaching focuses too much on the results of writing and neglects the process of reflection and summary after writing. Recent changes to the English college entrance examination have focused on flexibility and innovation in writing, and new questions such as reading followed by writing have appeared one after another in the provincial entrance examination. Portfolio assessment has been used as one of the main tools of formative assessment and has been used in foreign language writing teaching at home and abroad. It has also been a guiding factor for the reforms in the new English writing teaching in high school. The purpose of this paper is to review & analyse the research on the use of portfolio assessment in foreign language writing by scholars at home and abroad through literature collection and see what the current situation is in China and give new ideas for future research on the use of portfolio assessment in high school foreign language writing.

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