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A Study of the Evolution of Zhuge Liang’s Image in English Versions of Sanguo Yanyi from the Perspective of Retranslation Hypothesis

Sanguo Yanyi, one of the renowned masterpieces in Chinese literature, has been translated into over twenty other languages, including three complete English translations produced separately in the 1920s, 1990s and 2010s. Throughout the historical process of these English translations, it has been observed that the character portrayals vary due to different social and cultural backgrounds. This research focuses specifically on the character of Zhuge Liang and aims to examine the evolution of his portrayal by comparing the strategies employed by translators in these three English translations. Adopting a diachronic perspective, the study collects descriptions of Zhuge Liang’s image from each translation and explores the underlying reasons for the differences in his image construction. The findings not only shed light on the evolution of Zhuge Liang’s image but also confirm the supplementarity nature of the retranslation hypothesis. By revealing how social and cultural factors influence character interpretation, this study enhances our understanding of the intricate relationship between translation and the construction of literary characters.

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An Analysis of the Linguistic Features of English Advertisements: A Case Study of Inclusion & Diversity-Open by Apple Inc.

Advertisements permeate various aspects of our daily lives, and people often employ them to achieve a range of objectives, such as marketing and appeal. This article will examine an advertisement Inclusion & Diversity-Open, released by Apple. Inc, as the subject of this study, aims to analyze its linguistic features from four perspectives: writing techniques, lexical features, syntactic features, and rhetorical devices. Additionally, based on this ad, the author gives a profound reflection, urging each individual to work together to achieve diversity and inclusivity.

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Loopholes and Plugging the Loopholes: An Investigation of the Incidents of Attending a University or College by Means of Fraudulence

The incident of “attending a University or college by the means of Fraudulence” has not only trampled on the bottom line of educational fairness and social justice but also the dignity of national laws and administrative regulations. There are three main reasons for the repeated occurrence of “attending a college by the means of Fraudulence”: firstly, the lack of strict audit in the admission process of college entrance examination; secondly, the lack of strict review in the admission process of college freshmen; thirdly, the lack of strict supervision in the cultivation process of college talents. In order to effectively prevent the recurrence of the incident of “attending a University or college by the means of Fraudulence”, education administration should join with universities and social third-party organizations to plug the loopholes in the admission process of college entrance examination with systematic audit mechanism, the loopholes in the admission process of new students in universities with systematic review mechanism, and the loopholes in the cultivation of talents in universities with systematic supervision mechanism.

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Integrating Chinese Culture into Middle School English Teaching by Telling China’s Stories Well in English

With continuous globalization, the relationship between language and culture has undergone new changes. English has become an international lingua franca and a means for communicators to express local culture in cross-cultural communication. Today, as different cultures are increasingly intertwined, China now needs to present itself and tell its story to the world, which is the call of The Times for mutual learning and common development among civilizations around the world. It is also a realistic call for building confidence in Chinese culture and educating people through political and moral education under the great changes that have never been seen in a century. Facing the new requirements of educational development in this era, English teaching in middle schools must undertake the mission of cultivating socialist successors who have an international vision and a sense of community of human destiny.

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